Military Frotting?

Okay, aside from the fact that StatsPress is generally the most depressing feature of my blog (-45% readership!), it also tells you what search terms people use to arrive at your blog.  So, for some reason, “military frotting” is the thing that seems to be bringing in the searches to my blog.

First of all, I don’t think I have ever written about military frotting.  Not that I have anything against it.  Actually, I like the idea.  It’s kind of a great setup for an adult film or novella.

I’m assuming the idea of military frotting comes from the vain hope/fantasy of a lot of gay men out in the world that the military really is an army of young, hot men who are all secretly a little gay.  And since they can’t come out in the open, they frot on each other.  Woah, by accident bro.  Totally by accident.

I’m also hoping that by writing about this, my blog will become THE source for military frotting.  And for those of you who have arrived here for that reason (WELCOME, MAKE YOURSELF COMFORTABLE) here are some videos of homoerotic military things I’ve seen on teh geh blogs in the last week or so:

Actually, this one is my own find and in Spanish.
Sign me up!

Well, I suppose if a bunch of young, virile men are trapped together away from their loves and women, the most natural thing for them to do is… synchronize dance moves:

Umm, or they do something way less subtle like lying naked-ish in bed together:

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